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Mekanism is an excellent mod for Minecraft players that want to turn a new leaf. If you’ve already explored most of Minecraft’s content and feel like having a breath of fresh air, this mod brings a lot to the table.

Minecraft’s Mekanism mod brings years’ worth of content to the game. Get a kick from discovering new ores, tools, crafting mechanisms, materials, and armors. Seriously, Mekanism is the whole package.

Those who have already heard of Minecraft Mekanism know it’s not a doddle, though. You won’t hop in the game and just craft new stuff like a happy camper. Minecraft’s Mekanism requires you to get your nose on the grindstone to understand the mod’s entire concept.

But by cracking the book enough and reading a few tips and guides you’ll master Mekanism at an excellent pace. So, we’ve created this article to cut a few corners for you and make Mekanism’s progression much simpler.

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Mekanism Mod

Mekanism mod is what Minecraft would look like if Tony Stark existed in the same universe. Quite literally, the mod even has Iron Man-like armor sets.

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This tech mod applies technology to the game. So, jetpacks, digital miners, robots, reactors, and transporters are just a few things you can look forward to crafting during gameplay.

Unlike “Astral Sorcery” and “Blood Magic,” which are a few of the mods we’ve covered, Mekanism doesn’t have a specific progression path. So, it doesn’t have chapters. Instead, you’re free to grind and build the craftable elements, which there are plenty of, however you see fit.

But, there are tier levels for machines, though, which are really upgrades.

Developed by the team “aidancbrady” and “pupnewfster,” this mod is free, and you can download it here.

Early Game

Off to the hustle and bustle, Mekanism’s early game happens quickly. You’ll need a handful of stuff to get the ball rolling, and you can start by getting easy ores and resources. Let’s see a few of them.

Osmium Ores

Apart from the vanilla ores, you’ll want to gather enough Osmium ores during the first in-game days. This mineral ore is easy to find since it spawns in all layers of the map. You can also get it quickly with stone grade (or higher grade) tools.

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First Processes

While taking your first steps into Mekanism’s technology, you’ll need to craft some basic utility blocks.

You can begin by creating a Heat Generator. A Heat Generator is a machine that converts heat into power. The heat can come from sources like nearby lava or coal and charcoal. This machine will help you progress in the mod as an energy source.

To create a Heat Generator, you’ll need three iron ingots, two wooden planks, one osmium ingot, two copper ingots, and a furnace.

Then, craft a Metallurgic Infuser. An infuser is a machine that produces ingots from steel, obsidian, and bronze; it also produces enriched alloy. You can craft the Infuser with one osmium ingot, two Redstone dust, four iron ingots, and two furnaces.

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An essential detail about the Metallurgic Infuser, which you need to apply to all other machines, is that it needs a power source. So, connect it to the Heat Generator or any other power source by placing it next to it.

Put some charcoal in the metallurgic infuser to get carbon. Then, mix iron ingots with carbon in the infuser to get enriched iron. Next, place the enriched iron again inside the infuser with carbon. This process will result in steel dust.

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At this point, you can create steel ingots by smelting the steel dust you got from the infuser. With this new material, you’ll be able to make more helpful stuff like universal cables. Now, you’ve put your foot on the door.

By crafting cables, you can set up a power network, leading energy into multiple machines at once. This system is pretty similar to Redstone circuits. Moreover, you can expand the power source if you need additional power, for example, by crafting a few extra heat generators.

Early Machines and Tools

Now, you can play with the big guns. But first let’s grasp a few basic materials every Mekanism machine uses. Let’s start with infused alloy. You can create this alloy in a metallurgic infuser by placing redstone and iron together.

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The infused alloy is the basis of every machine in Minecraft’s Mekanism mod. In addition, Steel Casings are just as important; both materials are fairly used in every machine.

After getting a handful of the materials above, you can begin crafting big machines.


First, let’s see one of Mekanism’s most versatile tools, the paxel. You can create this tool by combining an axe, a shovel, and a pickaxe on a crafting table. You can create a Paxel from any conventional resource like diamonds, iron, wood, etc.

The tool has good advantages; it can harvest faster, is versatile for any use, and it can even repair different tools on an anvil—a true Jack of all trades. The paxel can also be a helpful weapon against mobs for its high damage capacity.

Enrichment Chamber

You can start by creating the Enrichment Chamber. This machine works like a pulverizer; it extracts dust from mineral ores. In addition, it also turns a few materials into different ones. Let’s see some of them:

  • Charcoal → Compressed Carbon;
  • Redstone → Compressed Redstone;
  • Diamond → Compressed Diamond;
  • Refined Obsidian Dust→ Compressed Obsidian;
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Energized Smelter

The energized smelter is basically a furnace on steroids. This machine uses power to burn and smelt at high speeds and it doesn’t require fuel, only energy.

To craft it, you’ll need two basic control circuits, two glass blocks, four Redstone dust units, and a single steel casing.

Precision Sawmill

A precision sawmill is a machine that can “recycle” wood from wooden stuff. It can also make planks with logs. Additionally, the sawmill produces sawdust, an element used to create cardboard boxes.

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To create a precision sawmill, you’ll need two enriched alloy units, four iron ingots, two basic control units, and one steel casing.


This machine, conveniently named crusher, crushes things. So, an item becomes tiny portions of itself when going through the crusher.

For example, biomatter becomes biofuel, while clumps turn into dirty dust, and ingots become dust.

You can craft a crusher with four redstone units, two lava buckets, two basic control circuits, and one steel casing.

Upgrading Machines

After getting the gist about the basic-level machines, keep expanding. In a few days’ worth of progression, you’ll see a need to increase the productivity on your base. You’ll be able to achieve this by upgrading the machines you have.

The upgraded version of basic machines is called Factory. So, when evolving the crusher to tier 2, you’ll “factorize” it, making it produce on a larger scale. Factories have three levels:

  1. Basic
  2. Advanced
  3. Elite

It’s essential to keep in mind that each factory upgrade drains more power from power sources. More specifically, each higher tier requires an additional 100 joules per tick to work.

You can also upgrade particular perks in the machine. For example, you can make it faster by implementing the “speed upgrade.”

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The machines available for factory upgrades are:

  • Osmium Compressor
  • Crusher
  • Enrichment Chamber
  • Metallurgic Infuser
  • Energized Smelter
  • Purification Chamber
  • Combiner
  • Chemical Injection Chamber

Mid to Late Game

A bit further on Minecraft’s Mekanism mod you’ll progress into more potent machines. During this stage you’ll also be able to craft new armor and tools.

Let’s see a few of the higher-grade devices we’ll discover.

Purification Chamber

The purification chamber produces clumps using ores and shards. When you put an ore inside the machine it’ll process three clumps. But if you place a shard it’ll only process one clump.

The clump production depends on what type of ore or shard you’re using. For example, placing a gold ore will generate three gold clumps.

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Clumps are necessary materials for tier 3 ore processing. You can use it to triple your ingot production. You can also use clumps on the crusher to create dirty dust, which you can turn into regular dust on an enrichment chamber.

An important detail about the purification chamber is that it uses oxygen to work. There are two ways to put gas into the chamber. The first method is by using external gases. You can get gases using the electrolytic separator machine, which we’ll cover next.

The second method to provide gas to the purification chamber is placing an internal gas tank in the machine.

Electrolytic Separator

The electrolytic separator turns liquids into gases through a standard electrolysis process. Minecraft’s Mekanism mimics real life, and the electrolytic separator’s process proves that. However, the process is a bit of a brain-picker, it’s worth understanding it.

The machine works by sending an electrical current into a liquid. This current heats the fluid and causes the electrolysis process. So, it requires a good amount of power to work (400 joules per tick).

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You can work this machine by providing a fluid source for it to electrolyze. Then, keep an eye out on the machine’s internal tank, where the separator will store the gases from the process. To remove the gas from the tank, use a pressurized tube.

Osmium Compressor

The osmium compressor’s role in the Mekanism mod is crucial. The machine creates refined Obsidian ingots using refined Obsidian dust. In addition, it also produces Glowstone ingots from Glowstone dust.

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With both the refined obsidian and glowstone ingots you’ll be able to create high-tech armors and tools. Additionally, you can use glowstone ingots to craft teleporter frames, a late game structure for creating the teleporter portal.

Digital Miner

The digital miner is a large-scale mining device that will suck minerals from the ground given a certain radius. You can choose the exact area and depth value for the miner to scan. After that, you can simply insert the ore you wish to gather and the miner will check for it.

This machine’s GUI isn’t rocket science; you don’t need to worry. The digital miner is pretty easy to use. First, go to its grey configuration button, select the area and filter the type you want for it, and voilà. Additionally, if you don’t like it to leave digging holes you can choose block replacement to replace the blocks it mines.

Atomic Disassembler

The atomic disassembler is a maxed-out version of the paxel tool. It replaces similar tools: pickaxe, shovel, axe, and scoop. But the disassembler does not have different material levels. In this sense, you won’t have an iron or a diamond one; it’s all the same.

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Plus, the disassembler uses power and needs its battery to recharge from time to time.

However you can define its performance settings. Knowing that the disassembler will use different battery values depending on your chosen setting is essential. For instance, you can set it to:

  • Off: The tool doesn’t consume power and can’t gather resources.
  • Slow: It has diamond efficiency in harvesting resources.
  • Normal: It has a diamond with Efficiency II resource harvesting capacity.
  • Fast: It has a diamond with Efficiency V resource harvesting capacity.

You can craft the atomic disassembler by using four enriched alloys, one energy tablet, one atomic alloy, and one refined obsidian ingot on a crafting table. Follow the setting below:

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Minecraft Mekanism Guide | DiamondLobby (2024)


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