[GM Note] The Winged Horse Arduanatt | Black Desert (2024)

[GM Note] The Winged Horse Arduanatt | Black Desert (1)

The spirit ofArduanattthe Dream Horsehas arrivedtothe world of Black Desert.The eldest child ofKrogdalois heavily associated with the wind,using its two great wingstosoar and glideover the lands of Black Desert.

It is said that a select few horsespossess the potential to awake the spirit ofArduanattwithin them, but Adventurers will have to help train their horses to reach the power ofArduanatt.

How to Awaken Arduanatt

Step 1 - Prepare aTier 8Courser

Adventurers will need tohavealevel 30Tier-8 courserto awakenArduanatt.

As mentioned in the Courser and Tier 8 GM Note, coursers are horses that possess coveted skills [this is signified by having agoldenhorse icon next to its tier in the Mount Information window].

If you need a refresher on whatCoursers and Tier 8 horses are, check out the GM Note for it[here].

Skill Requirement for Tier 8 Coursers

Tier 8

Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Accel, Sideways, S: Instant Accel, S: Sideways

Step 2 - Awaken the Courser!

With all the skills ready, Gula at the Stonetail Horse Ranch or Melabee at Grána City will be able to help train your Tier 8 Courser even further.

Gula and Melabee will need you to remove any of the horse's equipment before he can help out.

[GM Note] The Winged Horse Arduanatt | Black Desert (2)

Gula and Melabee will help your Tier 8 Courser train in 3 areas: Skill, Elegance, and Strength. However, he will require different special materials to train the horse in each area.

Luckily, these materials are found around the world of Black Desert by defeating monsters and using life skills. Inserting the materials and then pressing ‘Training’ will allow Gula to work his magic.

Training Materials


Item Needed

How to Obtain


Rainbow Gem Fruit

Exchange Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x10

Exchange Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x10

Exchange Peridot Petals x10

Stonetail Fodder

Made through Process - Simple Cooking using 2 different Farming Byproducts:

Mutant Plant x20

Premature Fruit x20

Seed Half Eaten by a Bird x20

Plant with Rotting Roots x20

Unusual Fruit x20


Breezy Conch Seaweed

Has a chance of dropping from fishing

Exchange Golden Seal - [Imperial Fishing] x25

Exchange Broken Fish Hook x5

Exchange Broken Bottle Fragment x5

Exchange Peridot Petals x10

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast

Has a chance of dropping when hunting Blue Whale and Khalk

Exchange Peridot Petals x10


Deep Blue Hoof Root

Has a chance of dropping from gathering

Exchange Peridot Leaf x7

Pure Forest Breath

Has a chance of dropping from

monsters in all regions

Use Simple Alchemy with 2 different Spirit Stone Fragments:

Wind Spirit Stone Fragment x10

Earth Spirit Stone Fragment x10

Water Spirit Stone Fragment x10

Tree Spirit Stone Fragment x10

You can also get 1 of each item through the Courser Training Reward Box, which can be obtained by exchanging Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] x2.

Each category can be trained up to a maximum of 180%. Each material can increase a specific training category by 1%. However, 2 materials are required to gain 1% if the category is at 100% or over.

Once the 3 categories add up to 200%, Adventurers can then use a Krogdalo's Origin Stone to attempt an awakening.

(e.g. Skill 180% + Elegance 15% + Strength 5% = 200%)

Use Simple Alchemy to Craft Krogdalo's Origin Stone



Swaying Wind Shards x25

Rumbling Earth Shards x25

Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1

Swaying Wind Shards:

    • Exchange 1 Golden Seal - [ImperialTraining]OR15 Peridot Leaves
    • Rare drops frommonsters inMirumokRuins,GyfinRhasiaTemple, andFadusHabitat
    • Exchange1Golden Seal - [ImperialTraining]OR15 Peridot Leaves
    • Rare drops frommonstersin ForestRonarosArea andManshaumForest

Krogdalo’sOrigin Stone:

    • Can be obtained by completingKamasylviaquests
    • Rare drops from monsters inMirumokRuins,GyfinRhasiaTemple, and ForestRonarosArea

If the awakening attempt fails, thenall ofthe training categories will reset, but the Tier 8 Courserwill retain its leveland skills. Adventurers can choose to use Cron Stones to save half of the training % if the attempt fails.

However,each failed attempt will increase the next Awakening Rate,regardless of whetheryou use Cron Stonesor not.

If the awakening is successful, thenthe Tier 8 Courser will becomeArduanatttheDream Horse.

Arduanatt - The Winged Horse

[GM Note] The Winged Horse Arduanatt | Black Desert (3)

Born from the spirit of the wind and earthKrogdalo,Arduanattis able tosoar through the skies and glide in the air.

Legend has it thatArduanattwas once friends withSecrua, the daughter of the sun. Friendly at first, their clashing personalitieswere the source of conflict between the two, resulting inArduanatt’swings to be melted after their biggest clash.

However,Arduanatt’sspirit has once again resurfaced, allowing horses to awaken the spirit within to becomeArduanatt, thewinged horse.


Arduanattcan learnany skillthat other horses can learn, but also has a fewexclusive inherent and learnable skills.

If a horse is awakenedinto anArduanatt, the level will reset back to 1 andby defaulthave 3 skills: Courser’s Spirit, Wings of Wind,and Double Jump.

ExclusiveDream Horse Skills

S: Charge- Charges twice in a row. Ithasagreater rangeand dealsmore damage than the regular charge.

Double Jump - Jump one more time in the air. You need to have Streak Leap and High Jump tousethis skill.

Courser's Spirit - It slowly recovers HP andstaminawhile it rests.


Wings of Wind - AllowsArduanattto open its wings to glide in the air after using Double Jump.

Wings of Freedom - Allows you to turn while gliding.

Take to the skies as Arduanatt arrives to Black Desert Console!

[GM Note] The Winged Horse Arduanatt | Black Desert (2024)


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