Chrisean Rock Shares First Photo Of Her 'Day Old' Baby Boy: 'Beyond Grateful' (2024)


Chrisean Rock Shares First Photo Of Her 'Day Old' Baby Boy: 'Beyond Grateful' (1) By Jadriena - 2023/09/05




Chrisean Rock has just given birth to her first child, a baby boy with rapper Blueface. As The Shade Room previously reported, the 23-year-old revealed her pregnancy in January.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect a photo of Chrisean Rock’s newborn son.

Chrisean Rock Gives Birth On Instagram Live & Names Her Son

Over the weekend, the rapper took to Instagram to livestream for her followers. Surprisingly, viewers were met by video of the 23-year-old in the delivery room about to give birth. The child’s father, rapper Blueface, was notably absent from the occasion.

As the group of nurses, doctors, family, and friends of the rapper encouraged her to “push,” viewers were eventually met with cheers of joy as the group exclaimed that the baby boy arrived.

Shortly afterward, the 23-year-old revealed that she named the child after herself.

“Let’s welcome my Baby boy Chrisean Malone named after his mommy.”

The Rapper Reveals More About Her Son’s Name & Why She Didn’t Invite Blueface

Later, Chrisean Rock took to X to share more regarding her son’s name. Additionally, the 23-year-old revealed why she didn’t “invite” Blueface to the delivery room.

Rock explained that she “simply didn’t invite” Blueface and went to her “city,” implying her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, to have her child. She went on to share that “none of you weird a** ppl” are going to be around the child, and she is all he has.

As the 23-year-old concluded her statements, she will do “everything” to “protect him from hate and jealousy or anything.” Then she stated that his name “is Chrisean and he will be loved n respected.”

Social Media Reacts

Instagram users entered The Shade Room’s comment section with tremendous love for the new first-time mother.

Queen Naija wrote.

“I’m so happy for her and wish her nothing but blessings and growth…”

Instagram user @theshelahmarie wrote.

“I pray her and her child are protected, happy and healthy. ❤️”

While Drita D’Avanzo added.

“🥹🥹giving life is truly an amazing thing. Women are incredible. I had chills watching this. God bless her & the baby!💙💙🙏”

Chrisean Rock Shares Photo Of Her Baby Boy

On Tuesday evening, the 23-year-old returned to Instagram to share a photo of her baby boy. Additionally, she shared a few words about him being “heavensent.”

“1day old 🥹🥹🥹🥹….Heavensent you healthy and so handsome beyond grateful 🥲🥺💫 My baby boy so blessed 🥹 thank you Jesus”


A Look Back On Chrisean Rock's Pregnancy

Chrisean Rock Shares First Photo Of Her 'Day Old' Baby Boy: 'Beyond Grateful' (3)

As The Shade Room previously reported, Chrisean Rock revealed her pregnancy with Blueface in January. At the time, the first-time mother-to-be shared a photo of multiple positive pregnancy tests alongside a few words.

“Guess how many heart beats ?…”

Later, Rock shared a video while at a hospital visit. In the footage, she expressed her excitement about “keeping” her unborn child, seemingly referencing her past abortions.

Additionally, Rock explained that she hoped for “either twins or triplets.”

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In March, Chrisean Rock returned to social media and showed off her growing baby bump.

At the time, she explained that her new hobby was “making money and babies.”

I’m dropping a video on my birthday

— ChriseanRock (@ChriseanMalone) March 11, 2023

Despite Chrisean Rock’s multiple photos and videos regarding her pregnancy, many social media users refused to believe she was with child.

Girl stop sticking that belly out…. I still dont believe it 😌

— Get Me Pregnant 🤰(100k) (@bigbootybryana) March 11, 2023

However, the rapper ignored the doubters and continued to share photos of her growing bump.

— ChriseanRock (@ChriseanMalone) April 11, 2023

Additionally, she also shared a sweet message for her unborn child, explaining how their arrival would make her “the best me.”

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Chrisean Rock Shares First Photo Of Her 'Day Old' Baby Boy: 'Beyond Grateful' (4)

In May, the rapper reached her 20-week pregnancy mark, as previously reported by The Shade Room. At the time, she continued to share candid moments from her journey thus far.

In a video post shared on Instagram, the 23-year-old explained that she had to “pray the fear away of being a mommy.”

Additionally, she shared that her pregnancy “was planned.” However, she and Blueface are no longer together, so she had to release her “heartbreak.”

“It’s super overwhelming because this pregnancy was planned but now he don’t see a future with me anymore… so I was left with option aborting I was surprised I’m tht far along that it’s no turning back from being a mommy I instantly fell in love wen I saw the face n heard the heart beat… I had to separate my heartbreak from the biggest thing that I prayed for n in da beginning. I’m not gonna move out of fear . I’m ok with moving on I’m ok with letting go anything that’s not for me …”

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Later in May, Rock turned the pregnancy doubters into believers when she shared a bikini photo dump of her much larger baby bump.

At the time, the rapper shared that she was “patiently waiting” for the arrival of her unborn child.

One Instagram user’s reaction to Rock’s photo dump confirmed that her doubters had been “silenced.”

“and y’all screamed she was making it all up .. silence pls”

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Chrisean Rock Shares First Photo Of Her 'Day Old' Baby Boy: 'Beyond Grateful' (5)

In July, Chrisean Rock reiterated her hopes for her growth.”


Then, in August, she gave proof of her intentions by making a hefty donation to her hometown church in Baltimore, Maryland.


Most recently, the rapper concluded her pregnancy journey by sharing photos of her final maternity shoot and revealing that she and Blueface are expecting a baby boy, as previously reported by The Shade Room.

Roomies, please join us in congratulating Chrisean Rock and Blueface on the arrival of their bundle of joy!


Chrisean Rock Shares First Photo Of Her 'Day Old' Baby Boy: 'Beyond Grateful' (6)

Also, check out Chrisean Rock’s exclusive interview on ‘Stepping Into The Shade Room’ below!

Chrisean Rock Shares First Photo Of Her 'Day Old' Baby Boy: 'Beyond Grateful' (2024)


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