Case No. 22-3153-Fc1 (2024)

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  • Nov 14, 2022 · Case No. 22-3153-FC1. In The Matter Of The Marriage Of Samantha Lopez And Felix Lengyel, § § § § §. Case Type: Divorce (no children). Date Filed ...

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  • Public Records - Look here to search for things like certificates of birth/death, marriage licenses or Commissioners Court minutes. Court Records - Look here to ...

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4. Texas Supreme Court Case Files Custom Search Page

  • Case No. Old Case No. Date filed, Court, County ... 1849-12-22, Tyler, Grayson County (Tex.) Martin ... 3153, 1868-10-06, Unknown, Karnes County (Tex.) Scott, ...

5. Is xQc married? xQc and Adept divorce rumors explained

Is xQc married? xQc and Adept divorce rumors explained

6. Court Lookup | Williamson County, TX

  • Missing: 22- 3153- fc1

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7. [PDF] Consent Decree (Sunoco)

  • Case 5:05-CV-03.PVT Document 32-1 Filed 1./2005 ... 22 XXI. NOTICE ... No information shall be deemed "new," and no condition shall be deemed.

8. [XML] ...

  • ... Case>Lieberman v. FTC, 771 F.2d ... No. 95-78, §2, 91 Stat. 319

9. [PDF] CVS SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT - Texas Attorney General

  • Dec 9, 2022 · ... no harm to any State, Subdivision, or ... Case-Specific Resolution. M. “Claim” means ... 22, 2022) not identified in Exhibit J are not ...

10. [XML] ...

  • ... Case>Meyerhoff v. EPA, 958 F.2d ... 22, 2012); Margolin v. NASA, No. 09-CV-00421-LRH ... 3153


  • ... No.: 18-11107. I. Dcoument No.: 117-WP1-RT-BJMQ-1. I. I. I. Page 3. DAVIS LIQUID SITE. Smithfield, Rhode Island. TABLE OF CONTENTS. SERIES: Private Wells. Case ...

12. [PDF] Volume 1. Population, General Report and Analysis -

  • of its members, the ownership of tho farm or home by any member was credited to the family as a whole; and likewise in the case ... No attempt has been made at ...

13. [XLS] Security Page Mapping -

  • ... Case Link, X, X. 34, AAP Detail, Program Detail Edit, X ... No Response from CalHEERS, E-HIT Exception Report ... FC1 - Foster Care Facility Backup Report, LRS ...

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Case No. 22-3153-Fc1 (2024)


Are Texas court records online? ›

Texas doesn't have a single database where you can search all court records for the state. Each court is responsible for keeping their own records. Some courts make their records available online, but you may have to contact the court clerk to get access and pay a service fee.

Are court records public in California? ›

The public is allowed to look at most court case records. However, there are some court case records the public may not see. Some laws, rules of court, and court orders make some case records confidential.

Are restraining orders public record in Washington state? ›

In the State of Washington, restraining orders typically stay on your public record for 3 to 5 years, or the exact date when the order is set to expire. However, if the court issues an order to take the record off, then it may be removed sooner.

How do I request records in Williamson County, Texas? ›

Requests for civil, family, juvenile and criminal records will be handled electronically. You may submit your request through email of the District Clerk and your copies will be transmitted to you via email. Certified copies cannot be emailed.

Does Texas have free public records? ›

Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, gives you the right to access government records; and an officer for public information and the officer's agent may not ask why you want them. All government information is presumed to be available to the public. Certain exceptions may apply to the disclosure of the information.

How do I look up someone's criminal record in Texas? ›

Statewide Criminal History Check

Criminal history information, including for both Travis County and the State of Texas, is available with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Please use the TDPS Criminal History Search, or call (855) 481-7070. Fees for this service may apply.

What is the California 7 year rule? ›

What is the 7 year rule? Under California Labor Code section 2855, a company cannot bind someone to a personal services agreement for longer than 7 calendar years, unless that person happens to be. a recording artist.

Are divorce records public in Texas? ›

Are Divorce Records Public in Texas? Divorce records are considered public records because the files are created by government bodies. These records are made available in line with the Public Information Act, Texas Government Code 552.

What is a minute order? ›

A minute order is a specific type of interim order in a family law case. It is a brief record of a judge's decision in a court hearing, typically prepared by the court clerk. Minute orders are merely summaries of the decisions made by the judge during a hearing. They are not as detailed as formal court orders.

What does petitioner mean in court? ›

The petitioner is the party who presents a petition or motion to the court. The term is frequently used to describe the appellant in an appeal, where the petitioner is usually the party who lost in the lower court.

How long does a permanent restraining order last in Washington state? ›

Full protection order

Generally, the full domestic violence protection order can be for a fixed period of time or permanent. Unless you ask for a shorter amount of time, the order will last for at least one year. If it only lasts for a fixed period, you can ask to have it renewed.

What happens if you violate your own restraining order in Washington state? ›

Penalties for Protection Order Violations in Washington:

Violation of a protection order is usually considered a gross misdemeanor, which RCW §9A. 20.021 defines as punishable by up to one year in jail, a maximum fine of $5,000, or both.

How to look up a warrant in Williamson County? ›

As with most counties in Texas, the Sheriff's Office is the best place to begin a warrant search in Williamson County. Since the duty of the sheriff is to ensure public safety to all citizens, it makes sense that they handle criminal records and the corrections division for Williamson County including the county jail.

How do I find an inmate in Williamson County Jail? ›

Call Jail Information at (512) 943-1365 for all information about people in jail.

Can you view Texas court records online? ›

The State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) uses re:SearchTX as its online tool for searching general docket case files. re:SearchTX is a web-based platform that allows registered users access to an online repository of court case information powered by the state's e-filing database.

Is court still virtual in Texas? ›

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Texas courts began live-streaming many proceedings. Now it is possible to request to appear in court virtually (usually using video conference platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and CourtCall).

Which courts in Texas are not courts of record? ›

Trials in the justice courts and most municipal courts are not of record, and appeals therefrom are by new trial (“trial de novo”) to the county court, except in certain counties, where the appeal is to a county court at law or to a district court.

How do I look up federal court cases in Texas? ›

Also consider using PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) to locate court records on the website. In an effort to provide centralized access to documents filed in federal district, appellate, and bankruptcy courts, PACER allows the public to search through and obtain case and docket information.

How do I get certified court documents in Texas? ›

You may request a certified copy of a document by completing a Request Form and providing the appropriate fee. Contact information for the clerk is found on the Contact Us page. Prepayment is required to obtain certified copies. The cost for certified copies is found on the Fee Schedule page.


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