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There’s a unique mount in Black Desert Online that you can’t breed. Tier 9 horses are called Dream Horses. Each Dream Horse has its unique magical aura that increases the stats of other mounts.

Since mounts are so crucial in Black Desert Online, you should probably know what this mount is and how to get it. There are presently three Dream horse species and a variant of them: Pegasus, Unicorn, Nightmare of Arduanatt, and Hell Horse.

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Dream Horses: A Few Words

  1. Tier Nine horses are currently unable to learn to be ridden by two.
  2. Tier 9 horses are incapable of breeding, too. Remember that you need to use up all of your T8 Courser breeds before you can start awakening them.

T9-Specific Skills Are Available to All T9 Horses

Double jump (Hold on space while jumping) – Streak Leap and High Jump require no level. All T9s master this talent instantly.

The Collector skill (Passive skill when parked) – T9 horses can heal themselves while parked. They’ll regain 100 health per tick, and all T9s will quickly learn and perfect this skill.

Strength: Charge (use a charge when pressing Q) – The trick is that an agile horse gets more charges per day than a slow horse, allowing it to make two charges quickly.

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In Dream, Pegasus had the distinction of being one of the first horses to be launched. Arduanatt is now available in all locations except for South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, and Indonesia. What makes Pegasus unique are its two abilities:

  • Cruising the Winds (Press E after Double Leap) — This skill enables the horse to glide and protects against ‘falling’ damage. Horses have a natural ability to stay on their feet, but they can move better with this talent and have an even higher chance of not falling. Immediately, Arduanatt learns and masters this skill.
  • Wings of Freedom — Wings of the Wind allows you to turn. It also allows you to buy items from a premium auction horse. Analyzing the Nightmare of Arduana’s stats is like analyzing her.


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Unicorn is the second Dream Horse that was introduced in Black Desert Online and also the favorite one. Dine is now accessible in all areas except South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Turkey. Dine is the only T9 that can utilize it as of the 3/28/18 patch. It has average speed and skills in the desert. When Earth of Life is used, it heals ten friendly targets to their maximum HP and MP/WP/SP.

This skill is learned by any player when they’ve reached level 10. They can learn the skill instantly, but it takes some time to master. A protection skill is like a buff. It increases the defense of an ally when an enemy hits him. If there’s someone who can use this skill, it will be your Unicorn.

Hell Horse

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Doom and Hell Horse are not yet functional on all servers at the moment. KR will be the first to get it, but the US will follow up with more details about the last T9.

The Awaken Guide

1. You should take all your equestrian equipment and leave it with Gula at Stonetail Horse Ranch. Gula will keep it secured, but you’ll still be able to access the equipment when you need it. A training program named “Courser Training” will be available. Courser aims to help the new users improve their skills and transform them into ‘world-class experts’ quickly.

2. A course has three different sections: Skill, Elegance, and Strength Training. Each section provides different approaches (skill, elegance, or strength) to train a horse. Each region can be taught using various supplies. These supplies are usually gathered or purchased at the market. You can also purchase them at the stable store in the location where training is performed.

You can train to a maximum of 180% across all three areas in one day, for 200%. You can train ten times a day. Your training progress will be saved on the server, letting you track your progress! Each exercise is graded on a scale of 0-100, and the total training score is the average of those three grades.

Please note that the awakening process is considered more complex than other minigames—the time required to awaken increases proportionately with the task’s difficulty.

Until Doom is published, any regular exercise will enhance the likelihood of Arduanatt appearing and Dine equally. When Doom is released, the difference in damage will be more notable as Balance has a more extensive range of damage, and Dark will have higher base damage until Adjustment mode is implemented. The training materials are available to you for an additional 200% training in all three categories after you have reached this total.

3. You may decide which items to include and how many of each item to include. You can also change the quantities. If you want to learn to do a specific task, you must highlight the box in the desired instructional locale to apply a training module. The process of finding items to highlight is simple.

All eligible items in an area are highlighted simultaneously, so there is no need to specifically target specific items or areas. Use one item in a stack, right-click the stack and choose the number of items you want to use. Then click the “Training” button.

Now, you can choose a new object to continue your training with. I hope it’s not too challenging for you! Keep in mind that the horse training percentages at the bottom of a horse’s selection symbol represent approximately how many riders and horses are trained on that horse in a given year.

One of the more perplexing elements of horse culture is that once a horse has been taken out of its stable or sold, it will persist in people’s minds. The horse will continue to exist as a personal mount, even when it is no longer in play. For instance, a horse that has been placed in storage will still retain the same stats as if it was still active.

4. To complete the awakening attempt, you must have a Krogdolo’s Origin Stone in your inventory while attempting to collect 200 percent of the training locations. To make 1 Krogdolo’s Origin Stone, mix 25 Swaying Wind shards and 25 Rumbling Earth shards. Make sure you have a Horse Awakening Book with you.

5. If you fail the attempt, two hundred percent of your combined training levels will be lowered to zero. If you’re trying to awaken in the game, you can use up to 100 Cron Stones. After using that many stones, your training levels will reduce to 100%.

It refers to the likelihood of success in a particular endeavor and is a 1% chance. Every failed attempt increases your chance of succeeding. With each successful stacking, your odds of succeeding increase exponentially.

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How Should I Prepare?

Materials to help with T9 Extraction:

  1. Stonetail Fodder: Stonetail Horse Ranch offers specially designed feed. Horse training aids are a type of tool that assists with training your horse. They help to develop your horse’s brain and give them a higher success rate when training. When you use them, they will help your horse absorb the physical and mental training you provide. Training levels are raised when your training level exceeds 100%. It is the effect of the training level. Use simple cooking techniques on-farm waste.
  1. Fruit with Rainbow Gems: A morsel of fruit gleams with a rainbow of colors. It is greatly appreciated among wealthy merchants. Training a skill or ability will increase that skill or ability. The effects are then reduced to half after the training level exceeds 100 percent. x10 Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Delivery]
  1. Ferocious Beast’s Spirit Pouch: Spirit Pouch was found among the fragments of a forgotten beast. The dead monster’s spirit pouch can manipulate the metal with ease. When your character’s skills increase, it makes them better at what they do. At 100% skill level, that means their abilities are maxed out for whatever skill they are using. It is a visual guide that should help you understand the basics of horse training. Khalk and Blue Whale hunting is a long-odds proposition.
  1. Seaweed of the Breezy Conch: Wind energy is encased in seaweed. It has leaves that are coiled up like conch shells. Your Training Level increases or decreases the effects of your skill by a certain percentage. Fishing has a low probability of obtaining it.
  1. Deep Blue Hoof Root: A root that’s nourished by nature is firm. The Hoof Root is so named because it has a hoof-like shape. All the actions taken by a team or person have an extremely low likelihood of success.
  1. Pure Forest Breath: The dew that glistens on the wild grass in the morning is a substance that energizes horses. What a horse eats can be important for its health. The horse’s diet should contain things like vegetables. There is a low possibility of obtaining by hunting monsters in all regions.
  1. Krogdalo’s Origin Stone: Krogdalo is the stone that has power over earth and wind. This stone can bring out the best traits of any mount. Krogdalo’s Origin Stone is a unique item that can be obtained by crafting the following: 25 Rumbling Earth Shards and 25 Swaying Wind Shards.
  1. Peridot Leaf: The green peridot leaves harvested in Kamasylvia can be traded for other items. It is because the area is known for trading goods. Usually, the leaves are etched in stone. You need Two Swaying Wind Shards, One Rumbling Earth Shard, and One Deep Blue Hoof Root to obtain this stone.
  1. Peridot Petal: A peridot petal is a currency in Kamasylvia, and these are found by collecting peridot from plants. These can be traded for items that can help you explore in the forest. To obtain this, you need to – Exchange 10: x1 Breezy Conch Seaweed- Exchange 10: Ferocious Beast Spirit Pouch x1- Exchange 10: Rainbow Gem Fruit x1.
  1. Spirit Stone Fragment: There are four types of Spirit Stone Fragments available: Water, Wind, Earth, Tree. You can obtain these four with the same process for each. Obtained through basic cooking with Purified Water, and you may obtain pure Forest breath through simple alchemy.
  1. Seals: Imperial Delivery, Horse Race, and Imperial Training are all options. You can trade-in your Swaying Wind Shards for Rainbow Gem Fruits and then exchange the Rainbow Gem Fruits for Rumbling Earth.

The Spirit Method of Courser

The Courser’s Spirit Method is a method exclusive to the Dream tier, which increases the skill rate. The Fore Chop method is less effective than the horse Method because you can only use it at level 1 after getting the Dreamhorse. To acquire the Mount Skill Change Coupon, the trainer must purchase it from the pearl store and apply it to their Dream’s inventory.

As is evidenced in this article, Courser’s Spirit has a high probability of being taught. However, Fore Chop has a chance ranging from 8.10% to 12.30%.

The trainer’s use of the Courser spirit to learn all skills for their Dream avatar is a skill modification. The tier 9 Courser spirit reacted 17 times out of 21 attempts. The most frequent reactions occurred throughout the middle and later stages of the experiment. Would you mind keeping in mind that you did not exclusively gain stated talent spontaneously throughout the leveling process, which means it does not have a 100% probability?

Things That Don’t Matter When It Comes to T9 Awakening

  • Character Training Level
  • Family Fame for Life Skills
  • Time for a Horoscope
  • Color of Horse Coat/Gender of Horse
  • Tinfoil Channel (Kama/Bal Channel)
  • Tinfoil should be reset.
  • Getting Rid of a High-Value Item
  • Number of Failstacks
  • Coupon for Premium Appearance Change
  • Horse Breeds Extinct/Deaths
  • Character Gender/Horse Gender

Things That Are Important

Putting in 200 percent of the mats gives you a 90 percent chance of getting the horse you desire with a 180 percent category filling.

Each failstack has a slight effect (1 percent + (0.1 percent * fs)) added to it.

Once awakened, all T9s will have the identical base stats starting at level 1:

Arduanatt / Pegasus

  • 137.5 percent of the time.
  • Acceleration: 137.5 percent.
  • 122.5 percent of the time.
  • 122.5 percent braking.

Diné / Unicorn

  • 133 percent speed.
  • Acceleration: 133%.
  • 127 percent turn.
  • 127 percent braking.

Doom / Hell Horse

  • 130 percent of the time.
  • Acceleration: 130 percent.
  • 139.8 percent of the time.
  • 139.0 percent brake.
BDO Dream Horses (Tier 9) - The Ultimate Guide - GameTaco (2024)


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